DeGroat Flash Enhancers

       Get MORE FLASH from your .223 and .30 cal weapons!!!           
Above photo is a M16 Shorty with a DeGroat Flash Enhancer.

DeGroat Flash Enhancers

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The DeGroat Flash Enhancer was designed to get the best flash pattern from your semi and full auto weapons.  We all know flash hiders are excellent in combat situations but they just aren't as fun when your at the range with your buddies.  Sure we've all removed the flash hider at one time or another to get that small fire ball out in front of the gun, but the gun now looks naked without anything over the barrel and the flash looks nothing like you see in the movies.  That's where the DeGroat Flash Enhancer comes in, it gives the front of your weapon that awesome look that you would expect and at the same time gives it an even more impressive flash pattern.  Not only will you have a much bigger flash but the sound signature will be much greater as well.  If you like that thump in your chest you get when firing a larger caliber weapon, well this is perfect for you as it has been tested to increase the sound pressure level by 9 dB at the shooters ear (hearing protection is REQUIRED).  As another added bonus the DeGroat Flash Enhancer is an awesome muzzle break plus will reduce muzzle climb and recoil.

The DeGroat Flash Enhancer is a great addition to your weapon if you're looking for that Wow! and Awe.. affect at the range or shooting events.  This is a perfect accessory for renters to bring in crowds of people.  The size of the flash attracts a LOT of attention.  People want to see and shoot weapons that look like the ones that they see in the movies.

The DeGroat Flash Enhancers are CNC machined from 316 Stainless Steel with precision Class 3B threads and come in your choice of matt black or satin stainless.  They are available in both .223 and .30 cal and come in various thread patterns to meet your needs.  Each DeGroat Flash Enhancer comes with installation hardware and manual. 

Right Click Here & Save Target As to see a VIDEO of the DeGroat .223 Flash Enhancer in Action  17mb

You may have also seen the DeGroat Flash Enhancers in action on the History Channel shows; Mail Call and Shooting Gallery, from our numerous shoots on the main firing line at the Knob Creek Gun Range as well as in magazine articles in Small Arms Review.

Example of a few guns that a DeGroat Flash Enhancer can be mounted on:

  • M16

  • AR-15

  • AC-556

  • M249

  • AUG

  • HK G3

  • HK 51

  • M60

  • M240

  • Plus MANY More

DeGroat Flash Enhancer Pricing

.223 with 1/2"-28tpi: $200 each + $5 Priority Mail Shipping

.30 Cal with 5/8"-24tpi: Out of Stock (E-mail to be placed on backorder list)

.30 Cal with M15 x 1 RH: Out of Stock (E-mail to be placed on backorder list)

Ordering Details

If you're interested in ordering please e-mail us at and let us know which model(s) you are interested in and for what gun. 

All Forms of Payment Are Accepted

Dealer/Disturber Pricing is also available


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A Flash Enhancer is exactly that "a FLASH ENHANCER", it's not a flash producer.  It only enhances the flash into a much bigger and more impressive pattern.  Some ammo on the market has a very good flash reducer which give minimal flash.  One way to test your ammo is to remove your current flash hider, and if you get a good flash, the DeGroat Flash Enhancer will enhance it to a much bigger and better flash.  Another factor is barrel length, the longer your barrel the less flash the ammo will generate and the shorter the barrel the bigger the flash.