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2005 New Mexico Minigun Video  
Best Minigun Video on the Internet!!!
At least that's what I've been told. The day we filmed this video we fired over 15,000 rounds of 7.62mm ammo.
Filmed and edited by Robert Silvers.  


2005 Spring Knob Creek Minigun Video
35,000 round Brass Pile Up!!!
This was our first time shooting at Knob Creek. In the two days that we were on the main line we fired over 35,000 rounds without a single jam or problem.
Filmed by James DeGroat, edited by Robert Silvers.

2005 Spring Knob Creek Minigun Video
Vahan of ASI shoots our Minigun
Vahan is just one of the many people that enjoyed shooting our Minigun.  

M249 Suppressed
Vahan of Armament Services International, Inc.
Shooting a 150 round burst through one of our M249's with a Triple X Warrior suppressor.

2005 Leona Machinegun Shoot in Texas
Superb Minigun action, one we built and sold
This is one of the Miniguns that we built and sold; it also has several Dillon Aero parts on it. The new owners ran 16,000 rounds through the gun that day with only one out-of-spec round jamming in the chamber and then cooking off, other than that the gun ran great!
Video was done by Mongo and MG Chris at the MG Shoot that Keith Allison hosted.

1800rd Minigun Burst 
GLOWING Bright Orange Minigun Barrels
Here's our Minigun doing a single burst of 1800 rounds during the October 2005 Knob Creek "Night Shoot".

T8 90mm Anti-Tank Gun
Spring 2006 Knob Creek Shoot
Long video of our T8 90mm in action at the Spring 2006 Knob Creek shoot. This is the very first time we took the 90mm to Knob Creek. While there we fired 20 rounds of ammunition, but only 16 rounds were filmed. Only down side to this video is people standing in front of the camera every now and then, other wise a really cool video.
Filmed and Edited by James DeGroat.

T8 90mm Gun
First Shot Fired Here at Home
Short video of James DeGroat firing the very first 90mm round after we got the gun here in New Mexico
Filmed and Edited by Bruce

90mm and 250lb Tannerite Target
Lots of 90mm action at the 2006 Wikieup Shoot
Great video of our T8 90mm Anti-Tank gun in action. We even have a shot of us shooting a 250lb Tannerite Target we made (DTA and Damage LLC) which we hit on the first shoot with the 90mm.
Filmed and Edited by James DeGroat

Minigun with shorty barrels
Fire Breathing Minigun
If you like lots of flash and loud guns this is the video for you. Here we are shooting a DTA Minigun with short barrels at the 2006 Wikieup Shoot
Filmed By James DeGroat and Damage LLC. Edited by James DeGroat

FlameThower vs. R/C Air Plane
Bob from Damage LLC torching an R/C Plane
Bob having a little fun with his new M9 Flame Thrower at the 2006 Wikieup Shoot. First shot from the flamethrower was to try and light a R/C plane up.
Filmed and Edited by James DeGroat

Flame Thrower James
James takes a try with the M9
First time I ever fired a FlameThrower and talk a very hot experiance and fun. DTA might have to add a FlameThrower to the collection now.
Filmed By Travis DeGroat Edited by James DeGroat

Making a Glow Stick from M60 MachineGun
1500+ Tracers Fired from a M60
A friend of DTA puts his M60 to the test with a belt of solid tracers turning the barrel bright orange at the 2006 Wikieup Shoot. When it was all over with the barrel was melted down and to the right, making for a very interesting barrel. Only one major jam and two or three stopages durning the belt but these were edited out a little.
Filmed and Edited by James DeGroat

90mm Impact Up Close
Sand Stone Wall Target
A day playing with the 90mm shoot a sand stone wall on a friend private ranch. Most of the shoots were filmed down range of the gun to capture the impacts of the AP projectiles up close. Very cool video.
Filmed and Edited by James DeGroat

Please check back soon for more videos.

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